How To Do Chip Shots in FC 24: Quick Guide

The FC 24 chip shots are all about skill and smarts. Key point? The timing of the chip shot. It’s a total game changer if you know how to nail it. In this guide, I’m gonna break down the art of perfecting the chip shot in FC 24. We’re talking pro tips, tricks, and strategies that’ll transform you into a chip shot whiz.

What’s a Chip Shot?

A chip shot’s this slick move in football where you lob the ball right over the other guy’s head, straight into the goal. Picture this: the goalie’s charging at you like a freight train. Tough spot, right? That’s where the chip shot comes in. It’s about finesse, killer timing, and really getting the game’s mechanics. It’s not just about brute force.

Chip Shot 101

Let’s kick it off with the basics in FC 24:

  • Positioning is key. Get your player in the sweet spot, close enough for a clear shot.
  • Power down. Chip shots aren’t about force. A gentle tap on the shoot button does the trick.
  • Aim high, just over the goalie’s reach.
  • Timing’s everything. Launch that chip as the goalie dives in.

Level Up Your Chip Shot Game

Got the basics? Sweet. Now let’s amp it up:

  1. The Lob Chip: Crank up the power a notch, aim for the skies, and time it to leave the goalie in the dust.
  2. The Curved Chip: Add some swerve with the right stick. Curve it around the goalie’s reach, aiming for the far post.
  3. The Quick Release Chip: In a rush? Quick tap and aim. It’s all about speed and surprise.

Winning Strategies for Chip Shots

Here’s how to up your game:

  • Know your players. Each one’s got a different chip shot style.
  • Practice makes perfect. Spend time in training mode.
  • Read the game. Watch the goalie, the distance, the defenders. It’s like chess with a ball.
  • Mix it up. Keep the opposition guessing with a variety of shots.


When to use chip shot? 

Use it when it makes sense – like when the goalie’s charging.

What are the controls for chip shots in FC 24? 

You can do a chip shot by pressing basic shoot button plus direction on Playstation and Xbox. Add the right stick for a fancy curve.

How to do long distance chip shots? 

A3: Better up close. Long shots lack the power and precision needed.


So there you have it. Master these moves and you’re not just playing FC 24, you’re owning it. Practice, strategize, and throw in some surprise moves. Now hit that virtual pitch and show ‘em what you’ve got with your slick chip shots!

Now, go rock FC 24 with your flawless chip shots! 🎮⚽🏆

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