Boost your team management skills with the our EA FC 24 squad builder. Make your dream ultimate team and easily get a shareable link to show off your squad online with friends or on social media. Perfect for practicing and displaying your squad building skills.

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What is Squad Builder?

Our tool is an easy to use simulator for creating your ideal FC 24 ultimate team. Pick players, choose formations, and tailor team tactics. Get a high chemistry score with correct attributes like speed, shooting, and ratings for your players. Our tool lets you craft your perfect FUT team with ease.

How to use the tool?

  1. Open the Squad Maker:
    • Click the ‘Open Squad Builder App’ button to load the Squad Builder panel.
  2. Select a Formation:
    • Choose your favorite formation first to fit how you play. We have a variety of strategic choices helping you make the best FUT squad possible.
  3. Pick Players:
    • Pick players for each position, taking into account their ratings and how they blend with your team’s strategy and formation.
  4. Adjust Positions:
    • Check out alternative player positions and tactics to maximize performance.
  5. Team Chemistry:
    • Ensure authenticity in player positions, clubs, and nationalities when making your squad to get a higher chemistry score.
  6. Save Your Squad:
    • Go to settings, give your squad a name and click on save. Once it’s saved you can go ahead and share it with others.

Is the team builder free to use?

Yes, it’s completely free for all FIFA enthusiasts who want to build a FUT squad and share it online.

Can I share my squad online?

Yes, after creating your squad, you’ll be able to share it through a link to display your FUT team anywhere you want.

How can i share the my squad?

Once you’re done making your squad, you’ll have to save it in order for it to be shared through a link that leads to a view of your team set up in the builder helping you show off your squad online.