Create amazing looking EA FC 24 FUT cards with our card creator tool. You can create or customize a card of someone or a player and download t in high resolution directly to your device. You can use the cards that you make from our tool on social media or anywhere you like without having to worry about copyright. Our card maker is completely free.

FIFA Card Creator

What is a Card Creator?

Our tool can help you to create EA FC 24 FUT cards with custom settings. You can upload and add your own picture or a player’s in your custom card. You can go ahead and edit and customize the card’s stats like pace, shooting, overall rating, position, etc. You can also choose the type of card you would like to make, each card type has a different design and the overall look and feel. Our goal is to provide a completely personalized experience in our card maker tool.

How to create a FUT Card ?

  1. Open Card Creator

    Click on the Card Creator button to open the card creator.
  2. Select the Card Type (Template)

    Choose a card type that suits the player or theme you want to create a card. The variety of card types available allows for a wide range of creative possibilities.
  3. Customize Player Details

    Add the details of a player such as name, rating, position, and attributes. This is mandatory for the card’s stats and relevance.
  4. Visual Appeal

    Use high-quality images and try playing around with filters, cropping and positioning to make your card visually more appealing.
  5. Reflect Player’s Identity

    If you are making a FUT for a real player, make sure the card reflects the player’s real life stats and characteristics. This includes the right club, league, and national team Flag etc.
  6. Experiment with Design

    Feel free to do experiments with different design elements. The more you experiment, the more you’ll understand what works best for your card. Its 100% free and there is no limit of usage.

Do I need to pay or sign-up for the custom card?

Absolutely Not! It’s free to use for anyone who wants to make a FC 24 ultimate team player card. No need to register or login.

How can I download a my card?

Once you are done making changes, then you can download your FUT card and use it anywhere you want by clicking on the download button at the bottom. You can use it on social media sites or any of your projects. 

What is the size of the downloaded Card?

The dimensions of the Image that you download of the card that you have made are roughly around 500px x 500px. You can resize it to your needs if you see fit. The image is highly optimized and is in HD.