Enjoy opening virtual Fut packs, find new players and add excitement to your EA FC 24 journey. It’s great for playing alone or with friends. Use it as much as you want, for free, there is no usage limit.

pack opener graphic image

What is pack opener?

It is a simple tool for opening virtual FUT packs. It’s fun to see what players and items you get in each random pack. Plus, it works great on mobile, making it easy and enjoyable to open packs anywhere. It also lets you share your findings online. We offer six types of player packs, each with 10 players, assigned randomly based on the pack’s quality: Gold Pack, Rare Gold Pack, Silver Pack, Rare Silver Pack, Bronze Pack, and Rare Bronze Pack.

How to use our tool?

  1. Select a Pack Type:
    • Tap on the desired pack type button to start your virtual pack opening adventure.
  2. Open FUT Packs:
    • Feel the excitement as you open each pack, revealing different players and items, just like in real FUT pack openings..
  3. Uncover New Players:
    • Each pack offers the excitement of possibly finding rare players, special items, or essential upgrades.
  4. Enjoy Repeatedly:
    • Our tool allows for endless pack openings, increasing your chances of discovering extraordinary players with each attempt.

Is our simulator free to use?

Absolutely! It’s completely free and designed for unlimited enjoyment by all FUT enthusiasts.

What kind of players can I find in the packs?

Each of the pack could contain a variety of players from different clubs and nations.

Can I share my packs online?

Yes, the our tool allows you to share your pack’s results with your friends or on social media platforms.